Less Hand Pain. More Fishing.

Skip the hand pain and pull perfect knots

New Fish Spike. Dispatch Your Catch.

Stops floundering and maintains the quality of the fish

Make Strong, Pain-Free Knots.

Our high-quality, made in America knot pullers solve the problem that every fisherman has when working with spectra and heavy monofilament – tying that high strength knot tightly without hand pain. 

Tie any knot you can think of

Spend More Time Living Your Passion

Because life on the water is a life worth living.

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Best Seller ~ Best Seller ~
Model A Knot Puller - Thirty Fathoms

Model A Knot Puller$34.95 USD

The original light weight, anti-slip two rod system designed to tie knots easily and save your hands from the pain of spectra.

Best Seller ~ Best Seller ~
Model B Knot Puller - Thirty Fathoms

Model B Knot Puller$39.95 USD

The same hand-saving, light weight, anti-slip, two rod system found in the Model A, but we made an ever-so-important upgrade so you can insert a hook

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~
Fish Spike - Thirty Fathoms

$24.95 USD

Our Fish Spike quickly and humanly terminates you catch. No need to worry about tuna flopping on the deck and risking injury to you or your crew. With one quick spike, your catch will be immediately lifeless and ready for bleeding and preserving on ice.