Who is Thirty Fathoms

Our Mission

We love to design and re-invent fishing and outdoor products that solve a problem we and our customers never knew we had. Our products are as high-quality in design and function as they are unique. Like us, our customers love to use our products and are proud to own them. 

We’ve launched with a tool to tie knots. It’s simple, might last you forever and solves a problem that any regular fisherman or shop owner has when working with spectra and heavy monofilament. It lets you make a high strength knot you can cinch tightly while avoiding hand pain.

How We Started

It started with Matt fishing the New Lo-An out of San Diego targeting tuna and yellowtail. The New Lo-An spent the day hopping from kelp paddy to kelp paddy catching yellowfin, dorado and yellowtail on fly-lined sardines. 

After fishing for hours, wet hands, soft skin and needing to tie a quick spectra-to-mono Albright knot in the middle of a hot bite, the spectra dug into a finger and cut through. It didn’t need stitches. But, it did need a cut-up a sock and duct tape wrapping! By the time he was ready to fish again the bite had faded. He would fish the rest of the day. But, his hand wasn’t up to casting a bait or reeling on larger fish like it normally was. 

There had to be a faster, safer and more pain-free way to make the spectra, mono and fluoro connections we all use . That was when Matt knew there was a need for a spectra knot tying tool.

After a lot of testing, not only by ourselves but also by local tackle shops, we came up with a design that fits perfectly in the hands, is held together magnetically and has a soft but very durable grip material. It will save your hands from pulling on fishing line while having no damaging effect on the line itself. No more pain pulling on line to cinch knots. No more chance of cutting your hands on spectra!

We also added CNC machined and anodized T-6061 aluminum end caps so it will not corrode and added a through-hole for tying knots to hooks. We think our knot tying tool will last our customers many, many years, and maybe a lifetime. You'll never have your fishing trips cut short again.