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The Experts (And Internet Celebrities) Have spoken

Don't take our word for it.  Social media is a buzz about Thirty Fathoms Knot Pullers.  Click on a video below to hear what experts have to say bout our knot pullers and how they help to "save their hands". 

The guys at Trophy Tackle use these knot pullers every day in the tackle shop, making FG knots and rigging up lines for customers.

These guys fish a lot and made a great demo on how they use them. 

Take it from a captain of one of San Diego's long range sport boats in this how-to video.

Buy Now And Save Your Hands


The original light weight, anti-slip two rod system designed to tie knots easily and save your hands from the pain of spectra.

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The same hand-saving, light weight, anti-slip, two rod system found in the Model A, but we made an ever-so-important upgrade so you can insert a hook.

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